"Coordinating Self Storage Projects WORLDWIDE From A To Z"


Better Management Systems has been involved in projects in Sao Paulo and Salvador Brazil, Ancona, Italy, Ashdod, Israel, as well as, Mexico, Panama Canada, Trinidad, Portugal, and Ireland, Though many clients are based in the US, through relationships and contacts overseas they desire instituting US style self storage in foreign locations. In addition to all services listed in Consulting and Management Better Management assists in:

  • Area and specific site reviews.
  • Building Conversions.
  • Educating local engineers and architects.
  • Integrating and adapting to local cultural marketing.
  • Adapting and modifying operations.

David Blum is often asked to participate as a guest speaker at self storage conferences. Has also presented twice at the Latin American Real Estate Investors Conference in Miami.

An extensive list of foreign recommendations is available on request.

Inquire further how our proven methods can support your international efforts.

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