"Coordinating Self Storage Projects WORLDWIDE From A To Z"

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What we do:

Self Storage Snap Report

This web based first look at a possible self-storage location will provide a developer enough information to determine if it pays to move forward or not. Though not as comprehensive as the complete Self Storage market study, based on information available

Self Storage Market Feasibility

A more complete in-depth review of a specific Self Storage market location with a more comprehensive package of demographics, personal visits and review of each competitor, an actual rental rate summary, an 18-position chart of absorption reflecting each individual ring of circle of study

Self Storage Consulting Services

Whether you are a new self storage developer undertaking his first self-storage project or a repeat builder, no one wants to tackle it alone. BMS offers over 22 years of self-storage experience, with hundreds of successfully completed self-storage projects

About David Blum

David Blum is a business graduate of Boston University and holds a Masters Degree in Marketing Management from Fordham University in New York. After spending over 20 years in various management positions both in retail and truck rental and leasing sales and operations, ...

About Eric Blum

Eric Blum has 13 years’ experience in retail management with industry leaders like U-Haul, Office Depot and Toys R Us. Since 2005, Eric has worked in self-storage gaining knowledge in various parts of the business including feasibility, construction and consulting. Eric’s current role as Vice President of BMSGRP has yielded international exposure in South/Central America, Mexico, Europe and South East Asia.

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