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Self Storage Market Feasibility Report

Market Feasibility Reports
BMSGRP offers a variety market analysis reports to meet your needs. The most popular report is the "mini" report, suitable for submission for requests for bank financing. These reports are great during property purchase due diligence, use to evaluate if storage is the best use.
  • Feasibility Study
    This report is 4 sections. I will help you to determine the "competitive trading territory", i.e. 1,2 or 3 miles, 1, 3, or 5 miles or whatever is appropriate for your project. A demographics review and comparison covering current past and future projections; complete competitive location analysis with actual site visits, summary per location, pictures, rent roll up summary and my exclusive absorption table(s). In the financial section I use the data to create a projected proforma including unit mix summary with projected annual rate per ft by category to generation a "gross Potential Income" which then carries through along with payroll projections and expenses, into a 36 month fill up projection. Finally this is summarized in a 7 year operating NOI projection. I conclude with a summary of the report and my recommendations.
  • "SNAP SHOT" Report
    A snap shot reports provides the basic demographic data, the competitive analysis with the absorption tables and a brief summary. Neither overview nor financial section is included, and no field on-site visit are performed.

Novice Developer Assistance
Once you have decided to proceed with the development and construction of your self storage project it is very advisable to have on board an industry expert that can help you avoid making costly "first timer" mistakes. (It is better to take an eraser to the project than a back hoe or bulldozer).
  • Site Plans
    Work to optimize any layout including master plans, mixed uses, and difficult locations. Meet with civil engineers, architects Landscape & MEP engineers.
    -Assist and make recommendations on design and facility layout
  • Unit mix and layouts
    Working with your builder or architect we strive to maximize the efficiency of any unit mix and layout. Special attention is paid to local market considerations, unique and unusual size demands, operations and accessibility. Loading and unloading, staging, office observations, security and safety play a key role in all analysis.
  • Office Layout
    Special attention is paid to efficient flow of all factors that make a successful storage operation. Retail, customer access, employee work flow, security, storage, even break room, security monitoring, and bathrooms are analyzed for maximum efficiency.
  • Owner Representation
    As an independent owner representative there are no hidden agenda. You receive honest opinions and fair assessments of work performed and project progress. As a seasoned professionals dealing exclusively in the self storage arena, our guidance will save you much more than it will cost.
A more complete in-depth review of a specific Self Storage market location with a more comprehensive package of demographics, personal visits and review of each competitor, an actual rental rate summary, an 18-position chart of absorption reflection each individual ring of circle of study, current and absorption with and without the subject proposed property,all this information expanded out 5 -years with all proposed projects included,a detailed proforma including a 36-month by month fill up projection, a detailed line item expense summary and a 7-year operation NOI cash flow projection. Included;
  • A detailed Executive Summary WITH RECOMMENDATIONS
  • Detailed Demographics
  • Competition Review - Boots on the ground.
  • Rate Summary
  • Absorption
  • Proforma
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