Self Storage Feasibility Report

Self storage feasibility report

Savvy investors know that a feasibility report can make the difference between a failure and a success. Once you've secured the land for your self-storage venture, a market feasibility report from BMSGRP will give you all of the information you need to succeed.

Your Self Storage Feasibility Report Will Include:
  • Demographics
  • Personal visits and review of each competitor
  • An actual rental rate summary
  • An 18-position chart of absorption reflection
  • Current and absorption with and without the subject proposed property, all this information expanded out 5 years with all proposed projects included
  • A detailed proforma including a 36-month by month fill up projection
  • A detailed line item expense summary
  • A 7-year operation NOI cash flow projection
Additional Services Included:
  • An Overview of the State of the Self Storage Industry in Your Area
  • A Detailed Executive Summary WITH RECOMMENDATIONS on How to Move Forward
  • Further Detailed Demographics
  • Competition Review
  • Comprehensive Rate Summary
  • Absorption Information
  • Proforma
We will physically visit your site and collect all the information we need to set you up for storage success.

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